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Branding and Design 

We help passionate online entrepreneurs breathe life into their business and bring their vision to life by creating a scroll-stopping brand with a distinct identity unique to them, so that they can become instantly recognised with a premium look and feel, attract dream clients and make more sales while enjoying more freedom.

What people say



"Emily is a star! She is proactive, creative and just gets what needs to be said to my potential clients. I really enjoy working with Emily and she gets results."

Clay pottery with table linens


"Hugely creative, great to work with and have transformed by business through design on social media platforms, signage for events, flyers for schools, adverts, competitions etc. I am so grateful to them both!"



"Emily has been a fantastic support to me in my business. She is super efficient and I always know that whatever I ask of her she will do to the highest standard. Thank you Emily xxx"

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Founder and Creative Lead
About Emily

My life wasn’t always surrounded by the creative freedom I enjoy today. I spent years working for a retail giant in the corporate marketing world, working all hours under the sun for very little return. And guess what? It killed my creative process. 

So, I hit the road and started travelling the world. And along the way, I gained that much needed inspiration and freedom I craved. 

Cue taking the plunge and quitting my full-time job to start my own business four years ago. I gained a ton of knowledge and experience, became my own boss, and was finally able to make those creative decisions I’d longed to make.

And that’s how Free To Be Creative was born

Now I help other kick-ass business owners like you gain the freedom you deserve and run a business that has you jumping out of bed each morning. 

Because it’s time to bring your vision to life. 

So, are you ready to inject an epic, creative strategy and scroll-stopping branding to help you get noticed in this noisy online world? 

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