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Why is personal branding so important for entrepreneurs?

Building a personal brand gives entrepreneurs a distinct identity, builds credibility and reputation and cultivates customer loyalty that ultimately leads to business growth and attracts higher paying clients.

So, what is personal branding?

Personal branding is the process of developing a unique identity for yourself as the expert in your industry. It is all about promoting who are you, what you stand for and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Think of it as a projected image of your skills, experience, personality, behaviour and values that defines your identity.

Here are 5 reasons why personal branding is so important for entrepreneurs...

1. Personal branding creates a distinct identity

There’s a lot of noise in the online world and so you need to think about why you are different and worth investing in. Think about what makes you stand out from the crowd and makes you unique. Storytelling is the best way to communicate with your audience - tell them your why, your desires, your results, your quirks, your experiences.

Nobody likes a copycat, so don’t churn out the same content as those around you. Relate to your audience so you don’t get lost in the crowd and drowned out.

People buy from people, and a faceless brand doesn’t build a connection with the audience - it can alienate them. So show them the behind the scenes footage of you inside and outside work so you are taking the audience into your world and taking them on a journey.

2. Personal branding adds to your credibility

Authenticity is huge in today's world as people can hide behind computers and can even generate content using AI, so transparency is paramount when it comes to doing business authentically.

Your audience needs to build a connection with the personal behind the brand in order to build on the like, know and trust factor. Building on this will help customers and clients feel confident buying from you.

3. Personal branding adds to your reputation

People can google your name, search you out on social media - some of which is out of your hands, but a personal branding is a narrative that you can control.

A personal brand allows you to demonstrate to clients who are, what your brand values are and ultimately distinguishes your professional image and how people perceive you.

If people enjoy following your journey and your story, they will start to tell their peers about you - which is also adding to your reputation and extending your customer base - just be being your authentic self and being consistent.

4. Personal branding promotes customer loyalty

Your audience needs to know it’s you they are speaking to - and this is your chance to speak to their desires, their needs and to their soul. This sort of content can’t be churned out by an AI bot or a corporate voice, it has to come from a person you respect and resonate with. A personal brand will know who they are talking to, how they say it and what solution they can give their ideal customer.

When you hit this nail on the head, your audience will resonate with you and start to build that loyalty that you need to help them build confidence in you and your services.

5. Personal branding attracts higher paying customer

A distinct and recognisable personal brand will attract ideal customers as well as higher paying customers because they have built that relationship with you, their confidence and they have become a ‘hot lead’ that you have nurtured over time.

Demonstrating your unique value and expertise will make you become desirable to potential customers. They will want to be a part of your world and will be more willing to fork out the bigger bucks to someone they have a connection with.

Now it's your turn to bring your personal brand to life...

Hiding behind a corporate brand, a computer or marketing campaigns no longer cuts the mustard in today's society. The audience are much more aware and conscious of what they are buying and who they are buying from.

Want to attract those ideal clients, get more sales and jump on the personal branding journey?

Here at Free To Be Creative, we are passionate about breathing life into your business and bring your vision to life by creating a scroll-stopping brand with a distinct identity unique to you!

Are you ready to become instantly recognised with a premium look and feel, attract dream clients and make more sales while enjoying more freedom?

Contact us today to find out how we can make this possible!

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